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Kobe Steel supplies high heat transfer titanium sheet for use in OTEC plants

With the increasing number of OTEC projects around the globe, more and more industrial companies increase their focus and product range towards OTEC. An example for this is the recent product update by Kobe Steel, Ltd and its announcement to provide high heat transfer titanium sheet specifically designed for OTEC plants.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. has developed a high heat transfer titanium sheet called HEET™ for use in plate heat exchangers, one of the important applications… Continue reading

OTEC in South East Asia

Looking at the latest developments in the OTEC world, much has been going on with regard to research and testing, but also policy developments in Europe and Northern America. Yet with the latest announcement of Lockheed Martin and Reignwood Group to install a 10 MW power plant in China, more and more attention is payed to South East Asia with a great potential for OTEC.

OTEC will also be addressed at the upcoming Offshore Renewable… Continue reading

Bill Gates want to use cold seawater to stop hurricanes

OTEC@hexayurt told me about a system which would use hot seawater to power a process to bring up cold seawater to the surface, and that way “steal” some of the energy which a hurricane uses. This has been mentioned in several places, but here is a sample article about it. Seems to me that a back of the envelope calculation on the thermodynamics of this can give a quick answer to the question: would it work?

Ocean Energy 2006

The Ocean Energy 2006 conference is going to happen at 21-23 June in San Diego, CA, USA. One of our contributing authors, Richard Meyer, of the Ocean Energy Council, will be kicking off this years event.

Reduced drag on pipes

In their paper “Passive control of VIV with drag reduction. J. Fluids and Struct. 15, pp 597-605, 2001” J.C.Owen, P.W.Bearman and A.A.Szewczyk, talk about drag reductions of between 25% and 47% on particularly shaped pipes (as opposed to straight cylinder shaped pipes). Apparently this has now also been confirmed by independent commercial research. We have mentioned this before with a reference to their European patents.

Does the added engineering costs for producing a pipe in… Continue reading

Neural networks meets the wave

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