Funding NEMO: Offshore OTEC project awarded in NER 300 program

Earlier this week, EU commissioner Hedegaard announced the results of the Second NER300 Call in a brief press conference. In this round, 1 bn Euro’s has been awarded to 19 projects in 12 countries. Akuo and DCNS’ offshore OTEC project, NEMO, was also awarded €72m Euro.

NEMO is an ocean thermal energy project off the west coast of Martinique in the Caribbean Sea. A moored barge will be installed housing four turbo-generators. Each will… Continue reading

ABS issues OTEC power plant design

The American Bureau of Shipping, a marine and offshore classification service provider, has issued its first Approval in Principle (AIP) for two new offshore OTEC power plant designs with a capacity of 25MW and 100MW. The power plant is located in a moored spar and uses closed-cycle ammonia process to produce electrical power for commercial use.

Barry Cole, OTEC international’s (OTI) Executive Vice President and Director of Technology Development  explains the uniqueness of these… Continue reading

India OTEC trial starts

According to The Hindu and The Times of India, OTEC power generation trials have started, presumably on the Sagar Shakti research vessel, which is a 1 MW closed cycle plant.

The Versabouy floating platform system

Steve Khachaturian of Versabouy contacted me earlier about their new bouy floating platform system. They have some nice videos which show the system in action in a wave tank. This type of buoy system could make very large floating structures easier to build.

What a drag

Attaching what looks like fungus on a tree trunk to offshore platform legs or ocean pipes can help reduce forces due to drag and vortex shedding, according to researchers at Imperial College in London. More details in their patent application (GB 2 362 938).

Considering that wave forces on an OTEC pipe is one of the main headaches for any OTEC operation this could indeed make those pipes less vulnurable to storms. The patent… Continue reading

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