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Kobe Steel supplies high heat transfer titanium sheet for use in OTEC plants

With the increasing number of OTEC projects around the globe, more and more industrial companies increase their focus and product range towards OTEC. An example for this is the recent product update by Kobe Steel, Ltd and its announcement to provide high heat transfer titanium sheet specifically designed for OTEC plants.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. has developed a high heat transfer titanium sheet called HEET™ for use in plate heat exchangers, one of the important applications… Continue reading

OTEC in South East Asia

Looking at the latest developments in the OTEC world, much has been going on with regard to research and testing, but also policy developments in Europe and Northern America. Yet with the latest announcement of Lockheed Martin and Reignwood Group to install a 10 MW power plant in China, more and more attention is payed to South East Asia with a great potential for OTEC.

OTEC will also be addressed at the upcoming Offshore Renewable… Continue reading

We aren’t dead yet

So that was a fairly long hiatus. We are working on migrating OTEC News from Blogger to our own Wordpress installation. So you are going to see a few rough edges around here for a while. Don’t hesitate to send us stories at editor@otecnews.org Thanks!

Problems with the blog

We use some tools from Google to run OTEC News. Google announce the other day that they are going to stop supplying some of the tools we have been using to run OTEC News from 1 May 2010. This means that we will have to move it to another system. This is not a huge issue, if it wasn’t for the fact that we are working all hours of the day already. So OTEC News… Continue reading

OTEC News subscription

OTEC News subscription
OTECIf you are using the OTEC News subscription services then you will have missed the latest post about the Hawaii Governor press release. We are in the middle of migrating our mail server infrastructure. You will find that the new subscription list sits at GreenOcean instead of Zezame, Inc. where we had it previously. Thanks to the Zezame people for letting us user their server as long as we did.

Sarkozy mentions OTEC

OTECDavid Levrat tells us that the French president-elect Sarkozy mentions OTEC in a recent interview with Mer et Marine.

“La mer tropicale est également une source majeure d’énergies renouvelables, malheureusement inexploitée aujourd’hui. Leur développement passe par une recherche appliquée pertinente sur l’éolien offshore, sur l’hydrolien et surtout sur l’énergie thermique des mers, actuellement ignorée.”

English translation: “Tropical sea is also a major source of renewable energies, unfortunately not harvested today. Their development requires applied research… Continue reading

The Guardian writes about the Seawater Greenhouse

Seawater GreenhouseThe UK newspaper the Guardian has an article about Giant wind turbines based on a seed, and desalination plant that mimics a beetle which mentions both the Seawater Greenhouse and the Grimshaw/Paton theatre desalination plant.

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