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McKillop on what should replace the Kyoto treaty

Andrew McKillop, a person not known for mincing his words, writes about why he thinks the Kyoto treaty market-only mechanisms will fail to reach the set targets for reducing greenhouse gases and what we should do instead. McKillop also mentions OTEC as one of the “almost totally ignored large-potential renewable energy resources“.

Name change of OTEC News

NewsThe observant may notice that we have changed name. We have changed name from OTECnews to OTEC News. Why such a minor change? An important part of the traffic to the site is driven by search engines. Having a web page title and a first line which includes the search term significantly improves the score in a number of search engines, so therefore the change. Also we have noted that a number of people… Continue reading

OEC web site

NewsThe Ocean Energy Council has updated their web site to have a lot more information available on it. The site among other things contains a resource library with regards to ocean energy, a calendar of events and news stories.

Ocean Energy 2006

The Ocean Energy 2006 conference is going to happen at 21-23 June in San Diego, CA, USA. One of our contributing authors, Richard Meyer, of the Ocean Energy Council, will be kicking off this years event.

Improved Search at OTECnews

We have now substantially improved the search function for OTECnews, You should now find that the search actually deliver results fresher than from 3 years ago [!] and the system will automatically update the search index once a week as well. You can find the search entry field in the left column on this page, below the links.

We have also created a Google search facility for the OTEC Library. Nearly all the documents stored… Continue reading

OTEC library online!

OTECThe OTEC library is now online. The first few OTEC documents are available on the new GreenOcean / OTECnews content server. It will take some time for us to get all documents online. There will be a steady trickle of documents for some time. As usual, you can find a listing of the hardcopy documents we have as well. These, and more, are the documents we are currently scanning to bring online.

Note:… Continue reading

Moving premises

The OTECnews office is currently being moved to a new location. We expect to be done with the move in May and will then increase our available time for OTECnews and its parent organisation, The GreenOcean Project.

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