Bahamas would want OTEC

The Tribune reports on the National Energy Policy Committee’s second report, which talk about OTEC.

“Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) processes also represent an exploitable renewable resource,” the Committee’s report said. “As the Bahama Banks are characterised by steep drop-offs, most of the major islands have a location where OTEC technology would be feasible. However, this technology is at the experimental stage.”

Jamaica Observer on OTEC and SWAC

An article in the Jamaica Observer talks about OTEC and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) and specifically mentions SOS Caribe (Soluciones Sostenibles) as wanting to implement SWAC in the Dominican Republic for an ice cream company.

NY Times on OTEC and SWAC

The New York Times carries an article about OTEC, focusing on Lockheed Martin’s work in Hawaii. There is also a blog piece on the potential for using seawater for air-conditioning (SWAC) in the same location. The piece has the normal sceptic questions: ““just how economical it can be.” and ““[SWAC] doesn’t work for high-rises with individualized air-conditioning units,”

I would argue that SWAC indeed works for high-rises with individual aircon units. Why shouldn’t it… Continue reading

Patrick Takahashi on energy economy

Patrick Takahashi has a short article about this at the Huffington Post. He says among other things “abandon building any new uranium/plutonium and coal power plants, and install as many wind farms and residential and utility-scale solar thermal systems as fast as possible”. More of Patrick’s writing can be found on his blog.

US Navy Diego Garcia OTEC will do SWAC as well

According to this short piece in the Federal Times, the Diego Garcia OTEC will be used to not only produce electricity and fresh water, as we have talked about earlier, but the cold water will also be used for sea water air conditioning (SWAC) as well, which I hadn’t seen reported anywhere before.

New Scientist on OTEC

New Scientist has a two page article on OTEC in the latest issue (19 Nov. 2008). The article mostly talks about issues related to the recent announcements that Lookheed will build a 10-20 MW OTEC in Hawaii, which we mentioned the other day.

New York Times writes about Lockheed Martin OTEC project

The NYT picked up on the Lockheed Martin press release about the grant from the US Department of Energy to “demonstrate a cold water pipe fabrication approach using modern fiberglass technology and recent low-cost composite material manufacturing methods at prototype and pilot plant scales“. The Energy Daily also has some quotes from Lookheed Martin and indications that they are also working with Makai Ocean Engineering and others on this.

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