The Guardian about the Seawater Greenhouse and the Sahara forest project

The UK newspaper The Guardian writes about the ambitious concept the Sahara forest project which is about using seawater and using solar power to grow food in the dessert. The concept uses Seawater Greenhouses as an integral component to make the dessert a sustainable food production facility. Any seawater airconditioning installation (SWAC) or OTEC installation can use “waste” cold seawater effectively in Seawater Greenhouses, so this is relevant for the OTEC community too.

Harward Political Review on OTEC

The Harward Political Review has a piece by Becca Friedman about OTEC called: An Alternative Source Heats Up, Examining the future of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

OTEC podcast with Christopher Barry

Renewable Energy World has a podcast where they discuss OTEC with Christopher Barry. Christopher is a naval architect and co-chair of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers ad hoc panel on ocean renewable energy.

Introducing Hawaii Oceanic Technology

The fish farming company Hawaii Oceanic Technology gets covered by CNet News. There is a tantalising hint of ocean thermal energy conversion as part of the fish farming system. I predict that this is another cheap investment that will give good returns on investment even before the remaining fish stocks truly collapse.

The Power Of The Oceans, by Big Gav

Big Gav over at the Oil Drum’s Oz/NZ section posted a nice overview of ocean energy. The post later got crossposted over at the Daily Kos, which gives it a bit bigger distribution.

New York Times on renewable energy in Hawaii

A short opinion piece in the New York Times about the be or not to be of renewable energy in the blessed islands of Hawaii. It would be interesting to hear a counter argument

Hybrid ocean thermal energy conversion–Offshore solar pond

Paul Straatman and Wilfried van Sark, has written an interesting new article (abstract) in Solar Energy about a new type of hybrid ocean thermal energy conversion system, an offshore solar pond,

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