OTEC potential on the Philippines

An interesting article was recently published by the Manilla Bulletin Publishing Corporation.

Due to its geographical position near the equator, the use of ocean thermal energy can be very interesting in the seas and streets of the Philippines. Currently, the UK company Energy Island Bell Pirie Ltd. is planning to construct a 10-megawatt closed-cycle OTEC facility in Cabangan, Philippines as a pilot project. Ms. Latimer, director of Energy Island Bell Pirie, emphasized that OTEC has… Continue reading

NOAA bureaucracy a threat to OTEC?

Doug Carlsson wonders if NOAA bureaucracy could be a major threat to OTEC implementation?

He tells us the grapewine provides the following rumours: “NOAA is so gummed up with bureaucratic inertia due to the “shell shock” it feels over the enormity of ocean thermal energy conversion that it will demand five years of operating data from even a pilot plant before giving OTEC its regulatory blessing.

We would love to hear from anyone… Continue reading

US NOAA visits Hawaii to talk OTEC

Doug Carlson tells us about a visit by people from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Hawaii, where they learned more about the OTEC efforts planned for the islands. The visitors will, according to Doug, be responsible for “issuing licenses and permits for OTEC plants and operations”.

“The NOAA team’s meetings in Hawaii “have brought home how much our learning curve has to be based on what’s happening here in Hawaii,”… Continue reading

OTEC ships and international law

LawThe International Energy Law & Taxation Review has an interesting paper about OTEC plant ships and international maritime law, I.E.L.T.R. 2006, 11/12, 259-268. The paper “The international legal regime on the exploitation of offshore, geothermal, wave, tidal and otec energy, in search of legal challenges and solutions.” by Anton Ming-Zhi Gao and Katherine Yuhh-Chinn Juang “Assesses whether the existing international regulations governing the exploitation of offshore geothermal, ocean thermal energy conversion, wave… Continue reading

Report from Energy Ocean 2005

The Energy Ocean 2005 conference was held in April in Washington D.C., and Richard Meyer, the president at the Ocean Energy Council has written a brief review of the conference. Richard says among other things: “While having congressional support is obviously useful, I reminded the attendees that the original Ocean Energy Council, over 20 years ago, concentrated all of its efforts on lobbying, succeeded in having 2 major OTEC bills signed into law, only to… Continue reading

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