20kW OTEC pilot plant public demonstration in South Korea


The OTEC team of Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO) affiliated with Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) had successfully finished 20kW OTEC pilot plant public demonstration.

The 20kW OTEC pilot plant which is a down-scaled model of 1MW OTEC plant was designed in detail based on R-32 by the Korean OTEC team which consists of 13 national institutes and universities in the end of 2012. After manufacturing unit parts,… Continue reading

Completion of 20kW OTEC pilot in South Korea

Deep Ocean Water Application Research Center (DOWARC) of the Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute (MOERI) and Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) have completed to install a 20kW OTEC pilot plant in October 2013 and are going to have a public demonstration in November 2013 after trial run and basic performance test.

DOWARC, MOERI has been working on a national project called ‘Development of utilization technology of deep… Continue reading

Environmental Assessment of OTEC in Hawaii

Christina Comfort, a MSc. student in Biological Oceanography from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa , worked with Luis Vega Ph.D. as a research assistant in assessing the potential environmental impact of OTEC in Hawaii. Their research focused on centralizing the existing (published and unpublished) environmental and physical oceanographic data relevant to OTEC implementation in Oahu, Hawaii. The results have been published in a paper which can be found below.

In her paper… Continue reading

OTEC heat exchange enhancement research

Raphael Mandel, a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland, has been awarded with the 2012 Hulka Energy Research Fellowship. Mr. Mandel, advised by Professor Michael Ohadi, received the fellowship for his proposal, “Next Generation, Ultra-Efficient, Microstructured Thin Film Heat Exchangers for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).” His research involves further development, modelling, visualization, and optimization of Force-Fed Microgrooved Heat Exchanger Technology (FFMHE), specifically with respect to its performance… Continue reading

Bluerise unveils OTEC Advanced Research Prototype

Bluerise recently officialy opened its OTEC Advanced Research and Demonstration Prototype at Delft University of Technology. By using a non-azeotropic working fluid, the prototype has a much improved efficiency and hence lower cost of produced power compared to standard ORC-based OTEC systems.

As part of the opening ceremony, Curaçao Airport Holding N.V. and Bluerise B.V. have signed an Memorandum of Understanding for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to further strengthen their cooperation in realizing… Continue reading

Makai Ocean Engineering’s Heat Exchanger Test Facility opened

In July 2011 a new heat exchanger test facility has been opened at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA), on the Big Island of Hawaii. The facility, designed and operated by Makai Ocean Engineering, provides the “OTEC Industry” with a tool for the development and testing of candidate OTEC heat exchangers. Heat Exchangers are the single most expensive component of an OTEC plant and thus their cost, longevity and performance… Continue reading

Xenesys inaugerates OTEC R&D centre

The new Xenesys OTEC R&D Center and the Xenesys Imari Plant was inaugurated on the 9 November 2007. There are some pictures from the plant and there is a timeline with pictures.

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