Vast potential for Ocean Thermal Energy in the Caribbean

CAF – The Development Bank of Latin America – has identified the potential use of deep seawater air conditioning (SWAC) systems in the Caribbean. Hotels and resorts are large consumers of electrical energy in Caribbean islands, and conventional air conditioning (A/C) systems account for around 40% of the total energy consumption in such buildings. SWAC uses deep cold seawater to replace the chillers used in conventional A/C systems, greatly reducing the electrical consumption and costs.… Continue reading

Mauritius Sea Water Air Conditioning


The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has approved a US $1-million project preparation grant at the end of December 2013 to support Sotravic Ltd. in the development and installation of the Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) System in Mauritius, an innovative low-carbon technology that lowers building cooling costs using cold ocean water. It will thus contribute to an annual reduction of 40,000 tons of CO2 emissions, create 40 direct green jobs for skilled… Continue reading

Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning to Begin Construction of Largest Seawater District Cooling System

Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning (HSAC) will utilize ocean thermal energy technology to provide air conditioning to as many as 40 large commercial buildings in the downtown area of Kakaako, Honolulu.  The deep seawater infrastructure with a rated cooling capacity of 25.000 tons will cool up to 40% of the urban area on the island of Oahu. With a budget of $250 million dollars, the construction will begin shortly. Multiple companies have already signed contracts… Continue reading

Curaçao Ecopark with SWAC and OTEC research

The Curaçao Airport Holding company are working on a an “industrial park for high-tech production and research facilities with a sustainable character” called an Ecopark and have recently signed an MOU with a German company, Bricks International to develop a draft plan for the Ecopark. The concept was designed (PDF file) by a Dutch company, Bluerise, which is a startup company in the OTEC technology-provider space. Interestingly enough, the Ecopark vision is focused around… Continue reading

Honolulu SWAC

Honolulu Weekly has an article about the $240 million sea water air-conditioning system (SWAC) which is being built for Honolulu.

Groundbreaking is expected next summer and the first 40 buildings are expected to come online in late 2012. ” And there are investors from Stockholm involved, which is interesting, as one of the first systems in the world was built in Stockholm (where I live) and this is being expanded.

Jamaica Observer on OTEC and SWAC

An article in the Jamaica Observer talks about OTEC and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) and specifically mentions SOS Caribe (Soluciones Sostenibles) as wanting to implement SWAC in the Dominican Republic for an ice cream company.

NY Times on OTEC and SWAC

The New York Times carries an article about OTEC, focusing on Lockheed Martin’s work in Hawaii. There is also a blog piece on the potential for using seawater for air-conditioning (SWAC) in the same location. The piece has the normal sceptic questions: ““just how economical it can be.” and ““[SWAC] doesn’t work for high-rises with individualized air-conditioning units,”

I would argue that SWAC indeed works for high-rises with individual aircon units. Why shouldn’t it… Continue reading

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