Theoretical paper

A New Approach to OTEC Resource Estimation: OGCM’s as a Modeling Tool

Various attempts have been made in the past to estimate the global ocean thermal energy potential with also a significant span in ranges. The last IPCC reports states a recoverable OTEC potential of 108-324 EJ per year while the IIASA ended up with a value of 30,000 EJ per year [Avery, W. H., and G. L. Dugger. “Contribution of ocean thermal energy conversion to world energy needs.” International Journal of Ambient Energy 1.3 (1980): 177-190.].… Continue reading

Solar boosted OTEC

OTECAn interesting theoretical paper on solar boosted OTEC [PDF] systems by Noboru Yamada, Akira Hoshi and Yasuyuki Ikegami, the latter working at Institute of Ocean Energy of Saga University, Japan. (I wish IOE hadn’t abandoned their English language site.)

Hybrid ocean thermal energy conversion–Offshore solar pond

Paul Straatman and Wilfried van Sark, has written an interesting new article (abstract) in Solar Energy about a new type of hybrid ocean thermal energy conversion system, an offshore solar pond,

OTEC ships and international law

LawThe International Energy Law & Taxation Review has an interesting paper about OTEC plant ships and international maritime law, I.E.L.T.R. 2006, 11/12, 259-268. The paper “The international legal regime on the exploitation of offshore, geothermal, wave, tidal and otec energy, in search of legal challenges and solutions.” by Anton Ming-Zhi Gao and Katherine Yuhh-Chinn Juang “Assesses whether the existing international regulations governing the exploitation of offshore geothermal, ocean thermal energy conversion, wave… Continue reading

Reverse Osmosis versus OTEC

OTECDominic Michaelis the co-designer of the Energy Island OTEC platform concept, together with Jerome Tomasi have written a paper which compares the costs of using reverse osmosis to make fresh water from seawater with the cost of doing the same with an open cycle OTEC plant.

This comes as the Perth opens the reverse osmosis plant described in the paper. Perth is to “stop the total sprinkler bans in Perth and south… Continue reading

The OTEC Liaison

OTEC The newsletter The OTEC Liaison was published from 1977 to 1983. Although old, these contain a lot of useful OTEC information. Richard Meyer of The Ocean Energy Council kindly donated a set of issues for us to add to the OTEC Library’s new section The OTEC Liaison. It will take some time to scan them in, but we will add them to the library as we scan them in.

Fresh water from the sea

Saga University presents a new paper: Technology of Seawater Desalination Using Natural Energy using OTEC technology for the The 3rd World Water Forum.

I can not quite figure out if this is a new paper or not, it seems like webserver thinks the file was modified in August 2001. But I have not seen it before. However, it reads like a report written specifically for The 3rd World Water Forum.

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