OTEC Bioplume report released

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) uses large flows of warm surface seawater and cold deep seawater to generate clean electricity. The tropical ocean at a typical OTEC site has two distinct layers: a warm surface layer with low nutrient levels, and a cold deep layer that is nutrient-rich. Introducing deep nutrients into the ocean’s sun-lit upper layers could potentially increase plankton growth or cause algal blooms. Thus, seawater discharged from an OTEC plant should be… Continue reading

Xenesys OTEC demonstration model

OTECI recently found this short YouTube video of the Xenesys OTEC demonstration model.

Nauru OTEC, YouTube video

OTECThe world’s first OTEC pilot plant was situated in Nauru. Below is a two part video describing the work that Toshiba did to build and operate this OTEC plant. To read more about the Nauru OTEC see the document: Outline of the 100kW OTEC pilot plant in The Republic of Nauru (PDF, 1.8Mb) from the OTEC Library.

OTEC videos

OTECThere are a couple of OTEC videos available on YouTube. The first one is a nice old one about the US Mini-OTEC which was built in 1979, at the end of the film there is a more modern piece added on about how OTEC systems could be built today. The second one was produced by OCEES and is a corporate presentation. The third one is presentation about OTEC for Puerto Rico by Offshore Infrastructure Associates.

Prof. Nathan Lewis, Caltech, on global energy supply

FuelUnderstanding the challenge of moving away from fossil fuels on a global scale can be hard to grasp. Professor Nathan Lewis, at the California Institute of Technology has a very good presentation called “Powering the Planet: Where in the World Will Our Energy Come From?”. This presentation from May 2005, is available online in video streaming format. You can read a summary of the presentation and download slides and a separate audio track here… Continue reading

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