OTEC Of Interest To Barbados, Region

Minister of Energy in Barbados, Senator Darcy Boyce, recognises the potential of Ocean Thermal Energy: “We are particularly interested in OTEC systems which, not only produce base load electricity, but also cold water which may be used for air-conditioning, which creates a heavy demand for expensive electricity”.

He noted that the CARICOM Energy Policy had also urged Member States to keep abreast of developments in renewable energy resources such as Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, ocean… Continue reading

Curaçao Ecopark with SWAC and OTEC research

The Curaçao Airport Holding company are working on a an “industrial park for high-tech production and research facilities with a sustainable character” called an Ecopark and have recently signed an MOU with a German company, Bricks International to develop a draft plan for the Ecopark. The concept was designed (PDF file) by a Dutch company, Bluerise, which is a startup company in the OTEC technology-provider space. Interestingly enough, the Ecopark vision is focused around… Continue reading

BEC and OTE Corp. signs MoU for two OTEC plants in the Bahamas

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation and Bahamas Electricity Corporation has according to Green Technology World, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop two OTEC plants in the Bahamas. The press release claims these will be the

worlds first two commercially operational plants.

Bahamas would want OTEC

The Tribune reports on the National Energy Policy Committee’s second report, which talk about OTEC.

“Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) processes also represent an exploitable renewable resource,” the Committee’s report said. “As the Bahama Banks are characterised by steep drop-offs, most of the major islands have a location where OTEC technology would be feasible. However, this technology is at the experimental stage.”

Jamaica Observer on OTEC and SWAC

An article in the Jamaica Observer talks about OTEC and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) and specifically mentions SOS Caribe (Soluciones Sostenibles) as wanting to implement SWAC in the Dominican Republic for an ice cream company.

OTEC in the Bahamas?

OTECAccording to this blog post one OTEC company, OCEES, submitted a proposal to the Bahamas Electricity Corporation with regards to a recent Request For Proposal for renewable energy systems.

Seawater air-conditioning in Curaçao

Evelop is building a seawater air-conditioning system in Curaçao. I visited Evelop Caribbean and talked to the Business Director of Evelop Caribbean, Gilbert Gouverneur about the project. The project is worth €15-20 million and could decrease the energy use for air-conditioning by 90%.

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