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Call for abstracts 2nd International OTEC Symposium

The 2nd International OTEC Symposium will be hosted from June 15 to June 18, 2014 by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) Deep Ocean Water Application Research Center (DOWARC) OTEC Team as a special session of the 24th International Offshore(Ocean) and Polar Engineering Conference(ISOPE) 2014 in Busan, Korea. The Symposium will provide a platform for information exchange and discussion, and will identify steps to OTEC commercialisation for public and… Continue reading

Lockheed Martin and Reignwood Group Sign Contract To Develop Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Plant

Lockheed Martin and Reignwood Group have signed a contract to start design of a 10-megawatt OTEC power plant, which, when complete, will be the largest OTEC project to date.

lockheedmartin“The ocean holds enormous potential for terrawatts of clean, baseload energy,” said Dan Heller, vice president of new ventures for Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training. “Capturing this energy through a system like OTEC means we have the opportunity to produce reliable and sustainable power, supporting… Continue reading

Completion of 20kW OTEC pilot in South Korea

Deep Ocean Water Application Research Center (DOWARC) of the Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute (MOERI) and Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) have completed to install a 20kW OTEC pilot plant in October 2013 and are going to have a public demonstration in November 2013 after trial run and basic performance test.

DOWARC, MOERI has been working on a national project called ‘Development of utilization technology of deep… Continue reading

Successful repair of NELHA’s 40-inch deep-seawater pipe

Recently the repair works on NELHA’s 40-inch deep-seawater pipe were successfully completed. Operating at 150M depth and using remotely operated vehicles, it was quite an undertaking.

The high-density 1.2-mile-long polyethylene pipe, installed in 1987, extends to depths of 2,000 feet. The pipeline is the backbone of the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority’s coldwater aquaculture and research projects.

Surveys of the pipeline in December 2007 showed the mooring bridles, which help hold the pipeline to… Continue reading

Kobe Steel supplies high heat transfer titanium sheet for use in OTEC plants

With the increasing number of OTEC projects around the globe, more and more industrial companies increase their focus and product range towards OTEC. An example for this is the recent product update by Kobe Steel, Ltd and its announcement to provide high heat transfer titanium sheet specifically designed for OTEC plants.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. has developed a high heat transfer titanium sheet called HEET™ for use in plate heat exchangers, one of the important applications… Continue reading

OTEC Testing in Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture has announced the start of the OTEC operation test at Kume Island on April 15th. The main aim is to examine the expected fluctuation of electricity supply caused by changes in weather, season, and sea temperature. The testing and research will be conducted with the support of Saga University until the end of 2014.

IHI Plant Construction Co. Ltd, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and Xenesys Inc were entrusted to construct the 50 kilowatt plant… Continue reading

Lockheed Martin and Reignwood Group to Develop Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Plant

Lockheed Martin Reignwood Group MOUToday, Lockheed Martin has announced that it is working with Reignwood Group to develop an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) pilot power plant off the coast of southern China. A memorandum of agreement between the two companies was signed in Beijing on Saturday. Following the ceremony, both companies met with United States Secretary of State John Kerry during his first official state visit to the People’s Republic of China.

The 10-megawatt offshore plant, to be… Continue reading

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